Can I just say, Iโ€™m really grateful and stuff for all of the friends Iโ€™ve made on here and the nice people I talk to because Iโ€™ll be blunt here, my life revolves around sleep and Iโ€™ve had some problems the past few months that have got me in the state Iโ€™m in, it preys on my mind and stuff but when I talk to you all whether itโ€™s by text or on Facebook or Tumblr itself, you make me feel a lot better and give me something else to think about so thank you, I value you all a lot. And thank you to the people in the CC fandom who encourage me to appreciate who I am and what I like. Iโ€™m really tired right now so Iโ€™m all emotional.

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  1. theegyptianscrewup said: WHY DID I JUST SEE THIS? You’re so amazing xx
  2. strippppedd said: Ly princess xxxx
  3. chloridecleansing said: thank you, i’m here for you anytime x
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